Eddy & the Abstract Truth (2019) CD

On Eddy’s most recent CD, he goes back to the basics, relying on his just his guitar and mandolin to back up his witty and articulate lyrics with subject matter ranging from ancient history to the post-postmodern world of today.
  Eddy & the Abstract Truth

My Second Wife's First Album (2008) CD

An all acoustic album featuring Eddy on vocal, guitar, resonator guitar, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, and ukulele; joined by Kim on upright bass. Contains 19 new original songs.

  My Second Wife's First Album

Inside My Secret Pocket (2004) CD

Eddy Lawrence's eighth album has been described as "the diary of a divorce". Containing 22 original songs, this album took over two years to complete and was recorded at Eddy's studio in Moira, NY with some additional mixing and mastering done at his "temporary home" on Hog Island on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain.

  Inside My Secret Pocket

Going to Water (2001) CD

Eddy dives headfirst into Native Americana on this CD. This time around he plays a real drum kit as well as bass and electric guitars, making a record that sounds more rock than folk.

  Going to Water



Guitars, Guns, & Groceries (1998) CD

On his sixth album, Eddy adds "faux drums" (a portable toilet, a cardboard box, empty beer cans, etc.) to his guitars and vocals, fashioning an off-the-cuff sounding backup to his carefully crafted stories of fame and obscurity.

  Guitars, Guns, and Groceries

Locals (1996) CD

On the first album to be recorded in his solar powered studio/cabin Eddy paints pictures of people and places in his adopted homeland: the North Country of New York State. Locals features a low key production (guitar, mandolin, and vocals) framing tales of outsiders, abandoned children, homesteaders, tourists, and petty criminals.


Used Parts (1992) CD and cassette

Featuring Fats Kaplan's dobro and Kenny Kosek's fiddle along with Eddy's own flatpicked acoustic guitar and vocals, "Used Parts" tells gritty and sometimes humorous tales of life on the streets of the Big Apple and on the backroads of the Deep South and the Far North.

  Used Parts

Whiskers & Scales & other tall tales (1989) LP and cassette

Eddy's wackier side is showcased on this album of mostly humorous story-songs. This is his sparsest album musically, with just his guitar and mandolin for accompaniment.


Up the Road (1988) LP

For his second LP, Eddy's guitars and mandolin were augmented by a complete band (bass, drums, dobro, pedal steel, and fiddle) resulting in a mainly country-rock album balanced with several strictly acoustic cuts.


Walker County (1986) LP

Recorded on a Porta-Studio in his Lower East Side apartment, Eddy's first album pays homage to his Alabama roots. A sparse musical setting of acoustic guitar, mandolin, and bass frames tales, real and invented, of southern rural life.



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