Going to Water

Nine Bar Blues
Rabbit Dance
New Renaissance Man
Now That I'm Gone
Babylon Come
Bear Dance
Out of Her Rocking Chair
Song of the Clouds
Ol' Dearbones
World Without End


Going to Water

2019  (CD)


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Operating from so far upstate in New York he might as well be a Canadian, Eddy Lawrence has a long history as a sharp-eyed sardonic wit with something to say about the underbelly of American life. His latest outing is no exception, and it boils his artistry down to the most stripped-down state possible: just Lawrence and his acoustic guitar. You have to be some kind of songwriter to make that kind of thing work, and whether hes poking friendly fun at the Amish Rumspringa tradition or wryly examining the fate of humanity, Lawrence lives up to his rep.

Jim Allen
Culture Sonar
December 2019
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