Whiskers and Scales and other tall tales

Whiskers and Scales and other tall tales LP

1989  (vinyl & cassette only)

Load Off
Catfish Cowboy
Before I Quit
Sister Clara Hall
Grandpa's Ashes
Miller High Life
Always Wishin' I Was Fishin'
My Brother Used to be a Marine
Tommy's Mommy
Load Haulin' Mama
20 Miles from Chapman's Bluff
Garbage Truck
Don't Play No Country Music

Lawrence shows off so much eye, ear, and imagination that his stories barely require the appearance of music.

Robert Christgau
The Village Voice

Eddy Lawrence could probably be famous if he would tone it down a little, and slick up the music. Fortunately, he hasn't, and so each one gets better. He's definitely one of Woody's children, and I'm glad he's around.

Cliff Furnald
Dirty Linen

What particularly stands out about Lawrence is his wry sense of humor -- he twists phrases in the grand tradition of Steve Goodman on tunes like "Miller High Life," "My Brother Used to Be a Marine" and "Don't Play No Country Music." Also of note is an instrumental style so tuneful that you can almost hear a band where it's only a mandolin overdubbed onto a guitar track.

Jim Caliguiri
CMJ New Music Report




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