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For bookings contact or get in touch with us at Snowplow Records
PO Box 27
Moira, NY 12957



Upcoming Gigs

Sunday, July 7, Iahkhiso:tha Strawberry Festival, Snye, Quebec (Akwesasne), 1:00pm
Saturday July 27, Cooperfest, Caroga Lake, New York
Sunday August 11, Iahkhiso:tha, 2:00
Sunday, September 1, private party, Mooers, New York
Saturday, September 28, Branches and Roots Festival,  Ormstown, Quebec, evening mainstage
Friday, October 18, Cafe Namesthe, Ormstown, Quebec


Listen to Eddy & Kim play

(click on each MP3 below to hear a song)

Just Don’t Know
End of the Line
3% Sugar
Your Mama Loves Me
A Woman Who Drinks
I’m Satisfied
Truth or Consequences

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right-click on the photo and choose "save link as".


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