Used Parts

King of Junk
The Blue Whale
Keys to the Highway
Pete Bastille
Here Comes Luther
TVA Waltz
Just Don't Know
Exit 115
I Work With My Hands
(see video below)
Sleepdriving Again
A Home in the Country

Used Parts

1992  (CD & cassette)

He's a genius of a wordsmith, creating stories and characters that aren't readily forgotten. How many songwriters would consider the effect of rhyming "Governor" with "BMW"? It works in the tongue-in-cheek blues of "Just Don't Know". And because of Lawrence's descriptive phrases, I feel like I've always known the construction worker "Pete Bastille". He's "a surgeon on a 40-story skeleton of steel" who once "saw the Eiffel Tower and proclaimed it no big deal."

Ellen Giesel
Dirty Linen

Lawrence is genuinely witty and engaging in a cynically innocent sort of way. Picture the wackier side of Don Henry. Likewise, you won't need the lyric sheet, thanks to Lawrence's clear diction, keen details, and crisp settings.

Jim Cambell
Performing Songwriter

It's always fun to find a songwriter who savors the words he sings. On his fourth solo album, upstate New Yorker Eddy Lawrence spits out reams of inventive and unforgettable tales that boast a savvy lyrical touch and an offhand John Prine-like delivery.

Bob Cannon
New Country

A couple of years ago, realizing that his cassettes seemed to stay in my dashboard for more than their fair share of time -- on cross-country trips, and for days around town -- I started to think that just maybe Eddy Lawrence was the best damn songwriter around. Yes, I appreciate the very finest of local songwriting talent like Five Chinese Brothers, Erica Wheeler, and Greg Trooper, and nationally known songwriters like John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett...but after dozens of listenings, Eddy's self produced albums never fail to blow them all away in the ability to keep on surprising. I laugh out loud at something I hadn't noticed before; I pause in awe at a remarkable detail; I wonder how the heck he thought up such an odd turn of events.

John Alexander
Boogie Shoes, WFUV Radio

Eddy playing "I work With my Hands"


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